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Hi, we're Knights Brown, a modern, innovative construction company, and the fact that you have landed on this web page means we are probably working in your area and you want to know more about the works that we are undertaking. Below you will find some information about us and links to current projects that we have running. 


Knights Brown is an independent, regional construction company professionally delivering civil engineering and building projects with insight, expertise and an agreeable, straightforward style.

We put our people first, deliver construction projects that make us and our customers proud, make a meaningful contribution to society and realise ambitions.

We are problem solvers who challenge what we do to find the best solutions whatever the circumstances. We take time to fully understand our customers’ needs building innovative, cost-effective, quality projects, safely. We are agile and have the freedom to act decisively, facilitating timely decision making and efficient action.

Our construction teams work across southern England and Wales with support services provided by our divisional offices. Roaming experts deliver specialist services to the energy sector anywhere in the UK and in the Republic of Ireland.



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A comprehensive civil engineering service encompassing all elements of infrastructure and regeneration of the public realm

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Specialist energy sector capability, including wind turbine foundations, peak demand and short term operating reserves, delivered all over the UK and Republic of Ireland by dedicated, expert teams.


Our highly experienced specialists tackle bespoke challenges in river and marine environments while protecting precious habitats.


In high security, regulated environments our directly employed workforce achieve efficient security clearance leading to fast-track mobilisation.


Security cleared, directly employed personnel, undertaking civil engineering projects, land side and air side.


From the complex needs of industry for warehouses and manufacturing facilities to school and college facilities that meet the bespoke wishes of education.


Essential infrastructure maintenance and capital works managed and fulfilled by our in-house expert teams for both clean and waste water.


Industrial buildings expertise combined with civil engineering know-how and clever value engineering protect the environment and deliver long-term assets.

Our Current Projects

Cardiff Arena Works

Click here to find out more about the scheme.

Mumbles Coastal Protection Scheme

Click here to find out more about the scheme

Sardis Road

Click here to find out more about the scheme.

Cycle Improvement Scheme

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Roath Park

Click here to find out more about the schem.

Churchill Way
Canal Project

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