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Ref: Upcoming Road Works on Pen-Y-Lan Road and Ninian Road junction

When we’ll be working: From Monday 10 June.

What are we doing: Works on the junction of Ninian Road and ducting works on Pen-Y-Lan Road.

For further information please click here


We've recently been awarded the contract from Cardiff  Council for the Roath Park Cycleway and Recreation Ground Improvements. The project is scheduled to begin on Monday 26 February, and is expected to be completed by Autumn 2024. 


The Roath Park Cycleway is part of a city wide active travel initiative designed to link communities with major destinations throughout the city. A new cycle track is proposed within the playing field between the Alder Road and Wellfield Road junctions and footpaths are set to be upgraded around the playing field/sports pitches.


As part of this project, alterations will occur at various locations over different phases to facilitate the Active Travel measures and improve various bus stops.


Additionally, ducting works will be carried out in phases along Penylan Road, Wellfield Road and Ninian Road to improve Cardiff Council’s communication and CCTV links with the Wellfield Road junction and other junctions in the area.

These enhancements in the area will not only provide opportunities to connect with future cycle routes but also offer significant advantages in promoting sustainable and active travel.


We will keep you updated with our progress as the project develops.

For more information on the project consultation information​: Roath Recreation Ground Improvements Secondary Consultation (


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Ty Draw Road

  • When: May-June 2024

  • What: Replacement of the existing three priority narrowings with four traffic calming measures. This includes the removal of the islands and their replacement with raised tables. This will be implemented in phases from the area closest to the tennis courts (near the pleasure gardens) then towards Pen-Y-Lan Road.



Wellfield Road

  • When: March-June 2024

  • What: Installing fibreoptic ducting. This will provide fibre-optic communication links between traffic signals and CCTV from Albany Road up to Cyncoed Road. Excavation in phases to minimise disruption, aiming to complete one area of Wellfield Road before starting another.






Ninian Road/Alder Road Junction

  • When: June-September 2024

  • What: Alder Road is currently closed and will stay closed (to through traffic) upon the project's completion. Knights Brown site offices and storage are currently located along this road. The construction at this location includes the relocation of the zebra crossing, three rain gardens, drainage systems and a cycleway connection from Roath Recreation Ground. Other enhancements encompass kerbs, edging, tarmac, new signage, bollards and lighting columns.








Ninian Road/Pen-Y-Wain Place Junction

  • When: April-June 2024

  • What: A connection will be established to the new cycle path adjacent to the pedestrian crossing. A raised table will be installed at the existing crossing, maintaining the current narrowed shape. Furthermore, new kerbs, edging, tarmac paving, and lighting will be implemented.  Improved crossing points and bus stop improvements are included.


Ninian Road/Malborough Road Junction

  • When: March-September 2024

  • What: Work will proceed on realignment, kerbs, edging, tarmac paving, and surfacing of the road. Additionally, new signage, lighting, and new signal control and a traffic CCTV camera will be installed. A cycle crossing will be established to connect with the new cycle lane adjacent to the community centre. A connection between the existing and new cycle lanes will be established with dedicated traffic signals. A diagonal pedestrian crossing will be added to the junction, and all existing crossing points will be improved. The bus stop will also be upgraded.










Roath Recreation Ground

  • When: February-October 2024

  • What: Construction of a new footpath at the north perimeter. A new segregated path/cycleway on the south side with lighting. Replacement and relocation of gym equipment, benches, bins and drainage features around the playing field.


Pen-Y-Lan Road

  • When: July-October 2024

  • What: Installation of fibreoptic ducting. This ducting extends from the Wellfield Road fibreoptic ducting onto Pen-Y-Lan Road, extending to Cyncoed Road. This work is divided into phases, addressing one side of the road before moving to the other side as required.



Pen-Y-Lan Library

  • When: February-October 2024

  • What: Improvement of the drainage system, addition of an attenuation drainage tank, and conversion of the entrance to accommodate two-way traffic flow. Carpark improvements including localised resurfacing, a turning area and white lining. New cycleway and public realm improvements. Addition of a pedestrian area south of the library containing a rain garden.



Pen-Y-Wain Place Area

  • When: April-July 2024

  • What: Upgrading existing footway area and introducing crossing points around the junction. Pedestrian diversion in place to ensure public access remains open. (Due to unforeseen service diversions, our work in this area will extend into July.)





What is Knights Browns involvement in this scheme?

We are the awarded contractors for Roath Park Cycleway and our responsibility lies with the construction elements of the scheme.  It is important to mention our scope does not include the design elements, or the strategic decision-making related to the project's continuation, or network management decisions. These matters are under the responsibility of the Council.

What to expect initially?

To view the first phase of our works please click here

When will you complete the scheme?

Our objective is to conclude the construction activities by Autumn 2024. Currently predicted to be October 2024.


Why are you reconfiguring the sports pitches? 

Transitioning from four to three pitches at Roath Recreation Ground is a temporary measure to accommodate the ongoing construction. This modification has been planned by the Council to ensure the safety of the public and workers during the project’s construction phase. Post-construction, the intention is to revert to four pitches, reoriented to optimise the utilisation of space.

What's happening to the trees in the area of your works?

Please click here for information on the trees surrounding our works.

What's happening to the path by the library in-between the trees?

We have started installing "no dig footpaths" within the park. These will connect the cycleway to the library and crossing at Pen Y Wain Place. These footpaths are specifically designed to protect tree roots by not disturbing the existing ground makeup. They are made up of permeable sub base and porous asphalt which will allow water to peculate through into the soil. These will be installed in line with our bespoke method statement which ensures our installation method also protects the tree roots zones.






Will your work be noisy?

Our works may involve machinery, tools, or construction activities which can generate noise. We prioritise completing tasks efficiently while being mindful of noise levels. The noise levels remain below the industry limits for all construction activities within urban areas, with the necessary environmental permits secured. Any work exceeding these limits will be conducted with prior notice and appropriate permits in place.


Can you tell me more on the consultation of the scheme? 

Following discussions with Cardiff Council we understand that the scheme has been subject to several consultation exercises as part of the project delivery process for the main scheme proposal and associated Traffic Regulation Orders and the decision has been made to proceed with the scheme. Further background information relating to this scheme can be found on the Council’s website. Please visit:

How can we communicate with you and find out the latest developments?

In line with our Guiding Principle to build ‘Open and Honest Relationships’ we will ensure that we provide clear and open communication through our newsletters, dedicated project website, email communications channel: and public liaison team.

Regular updates, including newsletters, will be provided as the project moves forward, and you can always find the latest information on this website. Our aim is to ensure we reach as many people as possible with our communications. If you would like to be on our mailing list for future communications, please subscribe below. Alternatively you can contact us and request a hard bilingual copy.

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